Marc Chapuis
Director of Audiovisual Services

Marc is a highly creative and experienced designer, art director, photographer and videographer. Every audiovisual project that Marc works on features his unique storytelling abilities and visual style!

[full bio coming soon]

Jessica Lewis
Director of Content Quality
Jessica Lewis

Jessica is hopelessly devoted to the written word. As BHC’s content quality guru-in-residence, grammar will rule and typos will drool as she ensures that our work spells success for our clients!


Jessica Lewis’ career began pre-Y2K with the answer to one question:
“So what do you like best about writing?”

“I like when I’m finished and I get to proofread it.”

Proofreading alone cut it back in college, but she knows that advertising agencies, corporate clients and marketers of all types depend on someone who is naturally detail-­oriented, organized and fantastic at building relationships with people at all levels.

Someone who remembers the fact that you specifically requested “detail-oriented” to be hyphenated only in that one piece that gets printed to Wisconsin every 14 months. Don’t worry — she’ll remember that.

Jessica has since diversified her skills into grant writing, social media engagement, brand management, web editing, blog writing and SEO.

As far as she can tell, her journalism background has made her a unique editor because she will never make a suggested change without a researched reason behind it. You really should just trust her because we do.


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